Camp Day 4: Finale

RCYC 2011 - Camp Unity!

All good things come to an end. And it is with great sadness that I bid you adieu. It has most certainly be a trying four days. But this isn’t the end. It signals the start of a new exciting stage in your lives. One full of trials and tribulations. As most of you would be entering upper secondary or be taking your O Levels next year, you now have new friends, and together you will overcome the challenges and obstacles.

This camp has tested your endurance, and expanded your limits, but after all, what are limits but a word that exists only in the human mind? We as mentors, (sounds familiar?) have seen you grow, bond, and develop into fine, young, adults who will be at the forefront of the next generation of leaders. We certainly hoped that you enjoyed yourselves, as much as we enjoyed ourselves. Life isn’t always about winning; the process or journey matters just as much.

RCY Challenge is but one of many camps and competitions that the Singapore Red Cross Youth organises. The skills and experience gained through participating in these camps and competitions are invaluable in your life journey. Up till today, I’m still learning new things, from my fellow instructors, as well as from you, our cadets of RCY. Strive to be better than your seniors, and bring your units and RCY to greater heights!

RCYC – Challenge Oneself To Achieve, Hah!

Signing off,
on behalf of
Red Cross Youth 2011 Committee

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Camp Day 4: Dance Battle

Marcus and Jun Yeup showing their slick moves

Inching ever closer to the end of camp, we move on to the Dance Battle. With the final chance to grab points and turn the tides in their favour, the cadets battle it out, division by division. Yet, it wasn’t the competition that mattered, but the memories that will forever be etched in their hearts, as they dance for one, final time in RCYC. Days, or even months from now, we will not reminisce about which division won the lanyard during RCYC 2011, but about the good times that we all shared. And some of this memories include dancing, with friends, some of whom are newly minted bff’s.

We’ll let the pictures and videos do the dancing. I mean talking.

Stay tuned as we update the last activity: RCYC Finale!

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Camp Day 4: Clean-up!

Tsktsk.. Concentrate Zerline...

As the camp end draws closer, it is time to pack up! It is definitely a colourful scene here at Red Cross Campsite, with all the cadets and VIs decked in their division colours: ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA and INSTRUCTORS.

From washing the tents to cleaning up of the common areas, everyone and anyone pitched in to help; even those who have not done housework at all before!

Stay tuned as we update the next activity: Dance Battle!

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Camp Day 4: Dragonboat

And today's Dragonboat session was brought to you by - Sunplay. Maximum Outdoor Protection

Dayung sampan, dayung dayung sampan.. Dayung mendayung sampan sampai ke Singapura.

And Day 4 it is, and unless I’m very much mistaken, it’s the last day of Camp! After an endearing three days, the cadets sure look tired, but if you tell them there’s a challenge, their eyes go all sparkly and jump up with enthusiasm!

After a short briefing by Mr Calvin (or was that Kelvin?) from SDBA (Singapore Dragon Boat Association), our cadets put on their PFDs and picked up their oars, it was time to move into their boats. After splashing around for about 1 hour, it was time for the dragon boat race: 10 boats, 1 winner, 100 points up for grabs. They pulled, they shouted, they splashed, but we can only have one winner.

And the winner is…

Stay tuned as we update the next activity: Cleaning Up!

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Camp Day 3: Campfire COLOURS

Remember the rainbow you saw back on Day 1 Evening? Yes, it’s back here at our very own Red Cross Campsite! However, an evil villain by the name of Roystina has sworn to take away the colours and happiness out of RCYC! Oh no 🙁

They were given a series of tasks: to perform and convince Roystina that to come back to the colourful side, and also accept his challenge in a game of Backflip. The cadets went all out, and with their willpower and unity of the youth of Red Cross, they managed to convince him to join back the colourful side. And with that, RCYC gave him lifepower, the power of Red Cross!

Stay tuned as we update the next activity: Day 3 Night Ceremony!
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Camp Day 3: RCYC Games Carnival

RCY Carnival Games - Another first for RCYC!

[Looking through 876 photos to post up is no joke I tell you, but here it goes..]

As part of Phase 1 Training for the VIP Trainees, they conducted a games carnival for the RCYC Cadets. And boy did they let their hair down! From games like Face-Painting to old favourites like eraser war (the last time I played with those country erasers was in primary school!), they sure made a mess and left everyone on a high note, which was just the mode we wanted to create before the start of campfire. We’ll let the pictures do the talking, yeah?

Stay tuned as we update the next activity: Campfire Preparations!

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